100% Pure Soursop Tea Made in Grenada by St. David Agro Inc.

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Harnessing our natural wealth.

Healing the world, one cup at a time.   

Grenadians have been drinking Soursop tea for generations, with sound knowledge of its healing benefits. Imagine packaging this experience in a beautiful, convenient way and sharing it with the world.  Welcome to the world of Pure Soursop Tea, produced in Grenada, from some of the most luscious Soursop trees in the world!

St. David Agro Inc. is an Agro Processing Company dedicated to developing the Agriculture Sector in Grenada and more particularly, growing the Soursop Industry. Founded by Oliver Paul, a successful businessman and returnee to Grenada, the company is heavily invested in the cultivation of its own Soursop plantation on 6 acres of family owned land in St. David, along with harvesting, drying and packaging of Soursop leaves into a viable product for the Grenadian and foreign markets.

Oliver Paul, Director, St. David Agro Inc.

‘’Our first batch of Soursop tea was made for friends, family and company members. Everyone found it easy to drink, the aroma was pleasing and we understood more and more of the benefits of drinking the tea. As we spoke to more and more of our clients across the continents, we understood that this product had to be brought to the market.’’ says Mr. Paul. ‘’ Soursop tea is in high demand in many countries and we are striving to fill that need.’’

The company’s premiere product, 100% Pure Soursop Tea, is grown, harvested and fully produced in Grenada.   The tea is made from Soursop leaves which are high in anti-carcinogenic qualities, scientifically proven to effectively kill cancer cells in the body. Once harvested, the leaves are then air and sun dried, hand sorted and grinded by local grinders. Then the grounded leaves are artfully packaged into tea bags by a skilled team.

‘’Our mantra is that our tea must be of the highest quality and best taste. We sampled teas from various parts of the island; compared the results between young and matured leaves to come up with the best aroma and taste. An attractive and descriptive package was laid out and designed that allowed us to step into producing the finest Soursop teas from air-dried leaves.’’ says, Mr. Paul.

Tamika Phillip, Creatorat St. David Agro Inc., Tea Division

‘’Grenada is noted to be the only country in the world with bug-free Soursop trees. This gives us the foundation for producing a superior quality, organic, great tasting tea.’’ says Tamika Phillip, Creator  in St. David Agro Inc.’s Tea Division ‘’To really maximize the value of our product, we produce our own tea bag envelopes which gives us a unique packaging option that fills the needs of the hotel and restaurant industry.’’

Generations of culture

‘With tea, we are really sharing our knowledge and culture of healing with the world. We share Great Health and Sweet Sleep.’’ says Tamika.   ‘’Our Soursop tea honors our Caribbean elders who have healed us with Soursop and other plants for generations. ‘’ ‘’We have customers who buy the tea in bulk. We have a customer from Germany who has been buying our Soursop tea to help his wife heal from cancer.’’

Community Impact

St. David Agro Inc. presently employs 13 people working across agriculture, farm management, tea production and administration. This workforce is expected to grow as the demand for their products grows. The company also partnered with the TAMCC Student Services Department, and recruited students to collect stories of Soursop healing across several towns in Grenada. In return, students received community service credits to supplement their academic work. These stories are now shared with customers and the wider public to educate and inspire them towards great health.

Agro Tourism Residences

Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and Tourism is one of its main products.  With this in mind, St. David Agro Inc. has decided to develop 25 Agro -Tourism cottages to enhance its business. These cottages will be placed between the Soursop farm, along a pathway that leads to the calm waves and shallow waters of Petit Trou beach. The Company owns the land which produces the Mahogany and Cedar trees that will be used to build and furnish these cottages at a fraction of the market price. This will bring increased value to investors and shareholders.

St. David Agro’s Soursop Tea is available at major supermarkets, pharmacies, hotels and restaurants across Grenada. The tea is also exported to Trinidad and Barbados, and there is serious interest from natural food companies in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan and Hong Kong.  The company is set to introduce one of the most requested teas – Lemongrass tea –   to the Grenadian market.

‘’By producing and exporting our own world class tea, we are harnessing our knowledge of health with our wealth of natural resources and creating sustainable economic growth.’’ says Tamika.

Contact Info:

St. David Agro Inc.
Lance Aux Epines, St. George, Grenada, W.I.
Office: 473 435 8734  Mobile: 473 534 3400
Skype: 718-577-2590 MagicJack 305-906-4627
Email: stdavidagro@gmail.com
Web: www.stdvidagro.com

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