An Accolade to Peter Bain

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By Dr. John N Telesford a.k.a. Johnny

Peter Bain, a comrade, a patriot, a committed family man, a St. Andrew man and a carnival man, deserves recognition for his unrelenting dedication to the development of society, carnival and sports in Grenada and specifically, St. Andrew. Peter has steadfastly focused on the social development and cohesion of St. Andrew. Peter simply put, is a charitable man. He simply loves people and in this regard, has made the sacrifice to bring entertainment to the people of St. Andrew and indeed the wider Grenadian community through the world famous Bain’s Hall. Bain’s Hall, serves as a safe and secure place to party and socialize, weekend after weekend. Yes, safe and secure, as Peter is very serious about security and pays meticulous attention to security details. This sociable man, oozes fun and frolic and demonstrates this in the musical mix that he plays during his turn at the ‘turntable’ (I guess a primitive term these days) during a party. However, in recent times, there are rumors that this place that has assisted with bringing the St. Andrew and Grenadian society together is under threat of closing. It is my heartfelt hope that this does not happen, as St. Andrew and Grenada will lose one of the bastions that bring our society together, in fun, frolic and love.

Peter also loves carnival. I attended briefly the launch of the mass band (2016) and there he was, like a King on his throne, directing the activities. Peter (and his wife) was able to attract a host of local and regional artists, each bringing their own flavor to the show. His commitment to the Rainbow City Mass Band is strong, and is growing in strength year after year. Through thick and thin, the mass band is on the road, both in St. Andrew and St. Patrick on an annual basis. The Kayaks also have the opportunity to be a part of their reveling, as Peter ensures that the band makes an appearance at the Carriacou carnival. Rainbow City, St. Patrick and Carriacou are all the better for carnival, all because of Peter Bain and his family.

But Peter’s first love (I still think) was sports. I remembered him in school (yes we were all under the eminent Creswell O’R Julien at SAASS), been a keen competitor, in sports such as high jump and cricket. I guess this love must have come from his father, who owned one of the first sports shops that I am aware of. Peter started a sports career early, but apparently abandoned that idea. However, his love for sports continues and he played cricket in the communities and was a keen figure in Bain’s Sports Shop in St. Andrew. His name still continues to be associated with sports as he sponsors the innovate, five-a-side, night football competition.

Peter Bain, my hat goes off to you as I give you a standing ovation. I ask all community members-carnival revelers and spectators, party goes, sports persons and all and sundry to join me in tribute to Peter Bain. As Roots Man Kelly says in song, give meh, meh flowers before ah dead. Peter here are you flowers, long, long, long, long, long, long before.
Long live Peter Bain, my comrade!!!!

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